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Harmar AL100 Platform Scooter Lift


Vehicle lift made specifically for scooters is the Harmar AL100.  Due to its use, high-quality components, and longevity, this lift has become one of our most well-liked scooter lifts.  It is also well-liked because it can work with many different kinds of cars and scooters of all shapes and sizes. 

Power Supply

 AL100 Platform Scooter Lift Benefits & Features:

  • Sets the standard for all other Scooter Lifts
  • Carries virtually all scooters
  • Automatic hold down arm
  • No scooter modifications
  • Accommodates scooters with a wheelbase of up to 42”
  • Manual crank backup and license plate mount included
  • Swing-away option available
  • Made in the USA
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