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Harmar AL815CC Crew Cab 150 Speed Lift


The side-loading lift AL815CC Crew Cab 150 Speed is made to elevate your manual wheelchair into the bed of a pickup truck.  It can be set up so that you can move your wheelchair to the driver's or passenger's side and set it where you need it.  The lift's arm can lift 135 lbs. and may be adjusted from 47" to 67" in length.  


AL815CC Benefits & Features:

  • Delivers chair close to driver or passenger side door
  • Powered lifting and rotation
  • Only two motors to control with removable hand control
  • Docking device included
  • In-cab remote control extension included
  • Twice the speed of the AL825CC
  • Longer arm for crew cabs (reduced capacity)
  • Mounts on either side of vehicle
  • New Hand Control
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