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Easy Lift Compact Travel Mobility Lift


Do you require a simple, safe method for lifting your folding motorized wheelchair or mobility scooter? The foldable mobility scooter or folding power wheelchair may be easily raised and lowered with the Easy Lift small travel mobility lift. You may put your mobility product into your vehicle with the assistance of our portable lift without stooping over or performing strenuous lifting.  


Travel Mobility Lift  Benefits & Features:

  • Remote Control One-Touch Feature
  • Automatically and Safely Lifts Foldable Scooters and Powerchairs into and Out of a Vehicle at the Touch of a Button
  • It does the lifting for you
  • Fits in the trunk, hatch, or backseat
  • It's Portable (not attached to the vehicle)
  • It's Easy to Operate & Transport
  • It's Compact and Lightweight (only 26 lbs.)
  • It has an Onboard Lithium-ion Battery
Easy Lift
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