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Karman Healthcare XO-505 Standing Power Wheelchair


Karman Healthcare is a business dedicated to enhancing people's lives by offering cutting-edge mobility devices of the highest calibre.  The XO-505 is arguably their most inventive and expertly constructed product.  This standing power chair has a sophisticated LCD display that can be used to operate all of the chair's special features and place you in the most comfortable position. It also has a strong frame design that makes it easier to manoeuvre.

Seat Size

Karman Healthcare XO-505 Benefits & Features:

  • Full control LCD display
  • 6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Frame
  • Full leg rest support cushion
  • Extendable arm/hand support bars on both sides
  • H-style Chest harness
  • Dual front LED headlights (Luxury Model)
  • Rear dual headlights w/ flashing feature (Luxury Model)
  • New powered hydraulic system
  • Range per Charge: ~25 Miles
  • Easy To Use Joystick For Drive & Stand
  • USB support for mobile devices (optional)
  • Rear caster wheels
  • Power Reclining Feature
  • Power Tilting Feature
  • Mid wheel drive
  • Full sit to stand power function
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