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Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter With MK2 Docking Station


Are you trying to find a simple approach to move your mobility scooter?  Are you done disassembling a scooter into pieces so you may pack it into your car and then reassemble it once you arrive at your destination?  Or perhaps you find it difficult to move a "lightweight" folding scooter because it is too heavy to transport? 

The perfect answer to all of your problems is right here.  The Quingo Flyte with docking station is now available!  Although this scooter has many distinctive characteristics, its MK2 docking station, which is simple to install, is what makes it stand out from other models in its class.



Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter with MK2 Docking Station Benefits & Features:

Improved 5-wheel Older 3-wheel types were swift, but they couldn't match the stability of 4-wheel variants. You may maneuver through tight corners, hills, slopes, or whether climbing or descending curbs with unparalleled agility and stability when using the British-designed 5-wheel QuintellTM technology.

Transporting your mobility scooter is a cinch with the Flyte thanks to its self-loading feature and brand-new MK2 docking station. Loading and unloading are accomplished simply pressing the two buttons on the connected controller, which eliminates the need for heavy lifting. The MK2 docking station's heaviest part weighs only 19.6 lb.

safer curb management, particularly at angles - The Quingo is the only 5-wheel vehicle that can ascend and descend kerbs at an angle of up to 45°.

Quingo's ground-breaking Kerbmaster also discourages beaching because to its auto-powered propulsion system, which also stops tilting.

Easy-grip manual hand brakes, automatic regenerative braking devices, and automatic electromagnetic parking brakes.

Comfort and improved posture - The Quingo series of mobility scooters is the only one on the market with adjustable footplates and full ergonomic posture adjustment, offering excellent comfort throughout even the longest journeys.

Due to Quingo's feet-forward design, customers with taller statures and those who might have joint stiffness can be comfortably accommodated on a portable scooter of only 42.2 inches in length.

With a battery meter gauge, digital status and fault indications, an infinitely variable speed dial, a push button lighting control, an audible warning horn button, fingertip forward and backward speed controls, and a security ignition key, the digital dash is simple to use.

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