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Quingo Toura 2 Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter


Are you prepared to travel in style on a strong, heavy-duty mobility scooter that can handle curbs and climb hills? Quingo Toura 2 scooter offers a remarkable 55-mile driving range thanks to its potent 650-watt motor and two 100Ah batteries. It is simple to understand why the Toura 2 is so well-liked when you consider that it can support 500 lbs of weight.


Quingo Toura 2 Benefits & Features:

NEW EZ View Digital Display with sun cover and self-leveling settings. Included are a new EZ view display with an odometer, a new anti-glare dash cover, a self-leveling handlebar and headlight adjustment, an infinitely variable speed dial, low light illumination, a battery gauge, an external temperature gauge, on-screen error diagnostics and status signals, a hazard warning switch, a turn indicator switch, a security ignition switch, a half-speed override switch, an audible warning horn button, an easy Controls are simple to use thanks to the soft feel handgrips, low friction tiller adjustment, and dual accelerator lever for the finger and thumb.

Quingo Comfort Plus Seating, NEW. QuintellTM adaptive footplates, a new quick release, retractable safety belt, an ergonomic, Super Lux, extra wide, high back reclining seat with a logo embroidered, double-padded headrest, new extra wide flip-up armrests with even more adjustment for width and height, an extended easy access seat slide and swivel with fold-flat feature, and

NEW Basket Mounted to Chassis. NEW EASY REACH FRONT SHOPPING BASKET POSITION MOUNTED DIRECTLY TO THE CHRYSLER MEANS LIGHTER STEERING UNDER LOAD since steering remains light and is unaffected by heavy weights

Tri-Wheel Stability & Steering NEW. The Quintell 5-wheel stability system is standard on all versions. With its fully adjustable, self-centering steering column, greater stability, safer cornering dynamics, agility in confined spaces, and exceptional curb handling, this World Patent-protected technology has now been upgraded to be smoother and even lighter, providing exceptional ergonomic posture control = AGILITY & STABILITY ALL IN ONE NEW SmoothDrive II Suspension. The extra-long travel suspension of the Quingo Toura 2 is adjustable, and when needed, a softer ride may be selected.

Rear adjustable SmoothDrive II coil spring suspension and front integral lever arm coil springs.

Automatic electromagnetic parking brakes, easy-grip manual hand brakes, and automatic regenerative braking systems.

Rear brake warning lights, side safety reflectors, center rear brake warning light, three front lights, two rear lights, turn signals, and four-way danger warning are all included.

Anti-grounding/tipping wheels are not necessary thanks to the extended wheelbase and large pneumatic outrigger wheels for better curb handling.

2 rearview mirrors positioned on handlebars.

accessory power outlet with 12 volts.

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