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PVI Multi-Fold Ramp


The inventive PVI Multi-fold Ramp has a special design that makes it simple to use, transport, and store. The ramp splits in half and separates into two parts for simple transportation. It has a strong welded construction and a high-traction, anti-slip surface. PVI Multi-fold Ramps are portable and simple to erect.



Multi-fold Ramp Specification:

Limited Lifetime Warranty Rotates the pin to either unlock or secure the ramp sides together without the need for additional tools.

Folds and is Portable Like a Suitcase

Ramp Panels are secured together by a closure strap.

Durable, lightweight, and simple to assemble welded construction

Ramp is on a Safe Slope, according to the Safety Guide

Full Platform Offers Outstanding Stability

Wheelchairs and scooters with a variety of wheel configurations can be used on an anti-slip, high traction surface.

Included are a safety DVD and steel security pins.

This Ramp Has Undergone 3X Safety Factor Testing

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