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Drive Medical Nitro HD Rollator


Drive Medical's Nitro HD rollator continues the Nitro legacy with a modern, European-inspired design. The Nitro HD is perfect for both indoor and outdoor walks thanks to its huge 10" front casters, and its distinctive caster forks enable a wider turning radius when moving. The Nitro HD can support up to 450 pounds thanks to its sturdy cross-braces.


Drive Medical Nitro HD Rollator Benefits and Features:

Attractive design in the Euro-style.

For enhanced safety, the brake cord is inside the frame.

A special push button makes adjusting the handle height simple.

Easy tool-free thumb screw height adjustment for the back support.

Improved turning radius thanks to caster fork design.

The best rolling and steering comfort is provided by large 10" front casters.

Folds up into an incredibly small package with just one hand for storage.

When the frame is folded, a plastic clip keeps the Nitro closed.

Design with cross-braces enables folding from side to side and increases stability.

Comfortable and long-lasting seat.

Stylish, detachable storage bag with zipper that has a special attachment to keep bag in position when Nitro is open or folded.

Aluminum frame that is lightweight.

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